Founded in 1990, Swentech has committed capital, ideas and solutions to help our clients with their production needs for over 26 years. We provide and source a wide range of machineries and variety of products related to manufacturing of Food & Drug and Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

How are we different

We pride ourself in being an all-round service. We advise and source machines for our clients, recommend on production logistics and flow, set up production lines and maintenance. Our aim is to minimize clients’ investment while maximizing output and create long term value. So, at Swentech, service is key. With over 26 years of experience, we have developed key industry knowledge and expertise and technical skills to help customers reach their production goals. We also understand that the need of our clients changes over time and we have consistently improved our organization to ensure that we are always ready to service not just our clients’ needs today but also tomorrow.

Operating principles

A return customer means the most to Swentech we say it often but with good reason. That is why we put a lot of effort into cultivating and sustaining a good relationship with our clients.

We also work extremely closely with our suppliers to make sure that clients’ needs are met. On the ground, we also have a team of service engineers who are dedicated to after sales service, measuring that all products sold are well serviced and maintained.


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